Shade for Stops

Five ‘shade for stops’ waiting areas were created in seven days joint workshop between Ugandan and Japanese students….

Nnyabo Ssebo 1st ALBUM

Formed in 2017 by Saeko Kurokawa (clarinet) and Yosuke Tanaka (guitar).
Nyabo=Mrs, Ssebo=Mr. The name of the unit comes from the sound of a word that left an impression on Kurokawa when she travelled to Uganda…

Essay – My first Africa without baggage in 2019

I waited for my luggage at Entebbe Airport, but it never showed up. My WS in Uganda started with lost luggage.
It was my first time to go abroad, but I thought I would do it cheaply, so I decided to go from Narita → Naha → Bangkok (3 days stay) → Muscat → Dubai → Kigali → Endeavour, one connection after another. There was a lot of trouble along the way…..

Kinetic Context in Uganda -Feb 2020

The capital city of Kampala is surrounded by hills.
The German architect Ernst May (1886-1970) was appointed by the British government of the suzerainty of Uganda in 1945 to draw up the Kampala Extension Scheme…

Kinetic Context in Uganda – Jan 2020

I wonder how many of our readers picture the Republic of Uganda in Africa when they hear the word Uganda”. When I first set foot in the country in 2003, I was a second year student at university and asked by my professor if there was any architecture there…

Adjustable Kiosk 2015

Many informal kiosks in the suburbs of African cities are made of everyday materials and recycled waste and are manufactured by local people. Each kiosk has a specific character and responds to a specific need. In this one-week joint workshop, Ugandan and Japanese students were asked to design a kiosk for local vendors.