• Urbanism in Uganda and the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In January 2020, the Chinese government placed Wuhan under quarantine. Effectively reducing movement of people within the city and moving outside it. To curb the spread of COVID-19….

  • Understanding African Cities; the formal vs. the informal

    Painting : (Selfie) by Sudanese artist Mutaz Elemam (2015)

    You don’t have to walk for long in Khartoum city before you start to see contradictions; the old and the new…

  • Shade for Stops

    Five ‘shade for stops’ waiting areas were created in seven days joint workshop between Ugandan and Japanese students….

  • Nnyabo Ssebo 1st ALBUM

    Formed in 2017 by Saeko Kurokawa (clarinet) and Yosuke Tanaka (guitar).
    Nyabo=Mrs, Ssebo=Mr. The name of the unit comes from the sound of a word that left an impression on Kurokawa when she travelled to Uganda…

  • Essay – Places to be and People’s Behavior

    s we walked through the streets of Uganda, we saw people spending their time in a variety of ways, such as opening stores outside and doing housework outdoors in the bright daylight…

  • Essay – My first Africa without baggage in 2019

    I waited for my luggage at Entebbe Airport, but it never showed up. My WS in Uganda started with lost luggage.
    It was my first time to go abroad, but I thought I would do it cheaply, so I decided to go from Narita → Naha → Bangkok (3 days stay) → Muscat → Dubai → Kigali → Endeavour, one connection after another. There was a lot of trouble along the way…..

  • Construction for Yamasen Japanese Restaurant in Kampala

    Construction of Yamasen Japanese Restaurant in Kampala, Uganda.
    Image : Timothy Latim
    Movie : Tsuyoshi Anzai
    Music : Nyabo Ssebo

  • Kinetic Context in Uganda -Feb 2020

    The capital city of Kampala is surrounded by hills.
    The German architect Ernst May (1886-1970) was appointed by the British government of the suzerainty of Uganda in 1945 to draw up the Kampala Extension Scheme…

  • Kinetic Context in Uganda – Jan 2020

    I wonder how many of our readers picture the Republic of Uganda in Africa when they hear the word Uganda”. When I first set foot in the country in 2003, I was a second year student at university and asked by my professor if there was any architecture there…