Ronald Mpindi Kibudde

Visual Artist

Ugandan-based Ceramic Artist and Lecturer in the Department of Industrial Art and Applied Design at the Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art (MTSIFA- CEDAT), Makerere University Kampala, where he attained his early university education and further completing two higher degrees from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan. Has held some administrative positions as Ag. Head of Department of Industrial Art and Applied Design(DIAAD), and currently he coordinates the Master’s program at the Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art, MAK. He has worked with youth through community-based outreach programs domestically and participated in curricula reviews for both Postgraduate and Undergraduate courses. He has done researches linking to modification of appropriate Ceramic clay bodies for various functions, atmospheric firings of the clay bodies, product design in areas of Ceramics and Jewellery, Surface finishes through glaze technology among other things, which he incorporates to enhance research and teaching. He is a member of the Uganda Visual Artists Association (UVADA)

List of Publications, co-authored and Exhibition

2018 – to date; Mini shows at the Yamasen Restaurant in Muyenga, Tank-Hill Road

2016 – to date; Different but one exhibitions at Margaret Trowell school of industrial and fine art gallery.

Mpindi K. Ronald 2016. Kiln Remodeling and its use with Bizenlike Pottery Firing Techniques.

Mpindi, K.R., Takato, S., Shogo, N. (2014). 日本と中国の伝統的様式の窯に於ける陶磁器の比較; 形態の異なる窯に於ける釉・素地の物理、化学的変化の観察平成26年度 議事録(Comparison of ceramics in Japanese and Chinese traditional kilns; Observation of physics and chemical changes of wood and substrate in kilns with different forms)

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